Why donate to Tad’s Toys? There is not a single image or phrase that sums it up quite like this photo taken, here in Houston, by Yvette Holzbach (with Forgotten Dogs of the Fifth Ward).

“When I first saw this dog lying on this tattered and torn soft toy my first reaction was ‘oh how cute is that’. But then reality really sunk in once I started taking the picture. Here is a stray dog taking comfort in a worn out, discarded toy.” – YH

THIS is why Tad’s Toys exists. It may sound silly, but toys are very important. They matter so much.

I, personally, saw just how powerful they were during The Abandoned Dog’s healing process. They stimulate the brain and motivate these broken animals. They provide security and comfort, too. Remember when you were a little kid and you were not yet brave enough or strong enough to take on the world? You had a favorite toy, too. Maybe a favorite blanket. The concept is barely different.

Here, you have a stray dog taking comfort in a toy, discarded just like him. Both unwanted and unloved, but finding those very things in each other. It’s heartbreaking, honestly. We must continue and we must keep at it.

Here at Tad’s Toys, we¬†accept new, gently used, and handmade toys (for dogs, cats, rodents, birds, and reptiles/amphibians). We have been known to accept collars/leashes, beds/blankets, however we mainly and highly recommend focusing on ‘toys’.

You may also donate gift cards/checks to the address below. If you are local and making a larger donation, please contact me for possible transportation assistance.

Please make checks payable to: Tiffany McKinley (put Tad’s Toys in the memo space)

Ship To/Drop Off Site:
Wags 2 Whiskers Veterinary Hospital
c/o Tad’s Toys
17099 Walden Road, Ste. 180
Montgomery, Texas 77356

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